cum swapping

Cum swapping | snowballing, cum-flavored kisses

Cum swapping, sometimes cumswap or snowballing is a delicious sexual practice in which one person takes someone’s sperm into their mouth and then passes it to the mouth of another, usually through kissing or by letting the cum flow from one mouth to the other. In real live such kind of tasteful kisses are mostly shared among the one giving Fellatio and the lucky guy receiving the Blowjob. In the realm of pornography it is often performed between two girls who have been giving Fellatio to one or more boys. If the kissing couple repeats the exchange of the semen a couple of times its volume will increase, hence the term “snowballing”. While Blowjobs are the obvious way to Snowballing kisses there are of course alternate ways to collect the cum, for example,one girl getting her pussy filled with cum and another one sucking the sperm to start the cum swapping. A luscious, juicy and tasty way to literally share the orgasm at the end of a sexul encounter.