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Facials, Cumshots on the face,
are a popular and iconic element of many porn productions. The Cumshot is, generally speaking, an essential punctuation of the sexual act, the period at the end of a pornographic sentence, at least from a male point of view. Thus, the facial is a kind of exclamation mark on the face of the receiving person, a final “I fucked You!”. Such a visual celebration of the male orgasm created very different judgements. For some it is an unacceptable act of degrading, while others love it as a delicate depiction of the sex that happened, or, as a tribute paid to the beauty of the partner. According to sexologist Peter Sándor Gardos “… the men who get most turned on by watching cum shots are the ones who have positive attitudes toward women”*.
If you like to have cum on your face you may also be happy to know that the fluids contain spermine, proteins, lipids and amino acids, all perfect to diminish wrinkles and smooth your skin. That's why the Cumshot on the face and the skin treatment at a wellness spa share the same name.
Getting a full shot of semen on your face is a very pornographic, somehow perverted, act, which makes it quite tantalizing. A simple way to privately enjoy your 15 minutes of porn fame.
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