Anal Sex

Anal Sex. Girls, fucked in the ass.

Why do girls love Anal Sex?
Anal is fucking intense. You feel every movement of the cock more clearly, or, as one girls puts it “It feel like I’m sucking my partner in to me, engulfing them.”
Anal is more intimate. The key to good anal is having a partner you trust completely, making you both feel closer than ever. Better orgasms. It might be the enhanced intensity and intimacy why many girls have much more intense orgasms during butt sex. And much more women have an orgasm during anal compared to vaginal.
You can deeply masturbate and finger yourself (or leave this task to your love) while being fucked at the same time. Put your fingers to good use and you can come close to a sweet kind of Double penetration.
Next to pussy and mouth, the anus is an inviting part of the body, made to be fucked. Anal Sex is still considered to be somehow taboo, even so nearly half of all couples are into it.
This forbidden nature of anal sex also feels exciting and can be a huge turn on. Opening and exposing yourself in this way can feel really good and really empowering.

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