public sex

Public Sex | For all to see.

Public sex, the joy of exhibitionism,
the kick of fucking while others watch or maybe spy on, is nothing without the spectator, who in turn becomes the voyeur, the peeping tom. This dualism of exposing and observing is at the very core of pornography. The perfect medium to show off to uncountable eyes and for to watch other people having sex. In that sense is exhibitionism in porn a quintessential way of porn. This collection brings you naked girls fucking in the streets, giving head in pubs, masturbating at the beach or just amusing the neighbors by doing naughty things at the open window. Take a look, they all love to be watched.

Sofia Star and Juan Lucho in Fuck me on display.

Fantasies are created to make them true. Sofia has a desire which seems to be a desire that´s more and more frequent. Women and couples love to have sex on display! Everything is out in the open, everything is there to be seen and some people just want to be watched. Sofia explains her fantasies to Juan, her husband, and he invites some friends to watch him and Sofia having sex…. Will Sofia´s fantasy be fullfilled? Is this truly what she desires?!

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