Cosplay コスプレ, Porn dressed up.

Cosplay (コスプレ, kosupure) is a portmanteau word, fusing costume and play. The term, first coined in Japan in 1984, describes an activity where the participants enact fictional characters, often based in the Manga and Hentai culture. The colorful role play has since become a worldwide phenomena, with many, mostly female, cosplayers performing in fanciful costumes and colorful wigs. A sub culture that seamlessly fuses with fashion trends like the Harajuku style. Like the Hentai sub culture, this trend has become part of the adult industry and Cosplay porn is by now a pornographic sub genre in its own. Studios like Cospuri produce solely porn movies with the performers wearing precious, custom-tailored dresses, that represent special characters. Performers like Purple Bitch take pride in constantly changing their look, hair- and eye-color in every shooting they do. At its heart, pornography is always a fantasy world. With the rise of Cosplay porn it is even a bit more of a magical world. A world inhabited by Hentai Heroines sucking cocks, fucking girls and boys, enjoying BDSM and Bukkake, while looking cute as fuck.