Jessie Saint and Lulu Chu share a boy.

Girlfriends Jessie Saint and Lulu Chu are chatting and joking around with each other about their past relationships. When the subject of guys comes up, they both admit that, while they love women, they do occasionally miss cock.

ulu gets a mischievous look in her eye and suggests that they share a cock. Jessie’s all for it, and has the perfect guy in mind: their neighbor, Van Wylde. The girls decide to go for it, dressing up in their skimpiest lingerie and inviting Van over. When Van gets a look at these two hotties, he doesn’t need to be asked twice.

After all, Van loves being a good neighbor!!!

Jessie Saint, Lulu-Chu and Van Wylde in Fucking the neighbors. A threesome Devils Film video.
Jessie Saint and Lulu Chu for Devil’s Film