Du erinnerst mich an mich

YOU REMIND ME OF ME by Pure Taboo | Adult Time

Eine schöne Frau verführt ein junges Mädchen zu einem Dreier.

Video mit Deutschen Untertiteln hier.

Aus der Beschreibung :

SCENE OPENS on Heather (Cory Chase) welcoming Kelly (Mackenzie Moss) into her home. Kelly seems excited, even a little starstruck to be there. Heather, a well-known former cheerleader, is Kelly’s cheerleading coach. She has taken a special interest in Kelly and has invited Kelly there for a last-minute pep talk before an upcoming competition. Looking at old photos of Heather taken when Heather was 18, the same age Kelly is, they remark how much Kelly looks like Heather when she was younger. This segues into them chatting about the upcoming competition. Heather offers advice to Kelly about being an effective leader and dealing with the pressure of the competition.At that moment, Heather’s husband Donald (Stirling Cooper) wanders in, seemingly by accident. He remarks on how much they look alike and conversation turns to Heather’s old uniform, which she gets up to go get.CUT TO TITLE As they chat, Heather seems to get an idea: Kelly should put on Heather’s old uniform for some fun and innocent photos. Kelly agrees but is shocked when they ask her to change in front of them. Despite her reluctance and growing disquiet, Kelly changes into the cheerleader outfit in front of Donald and Heather as they leer at her. Donald and Heather take some photos as the atmosphere becomes even creepier. Soon, Heather and Donald reveal their plan: to have a threesome with Kelly. She refuses, but when Heather threatens to kick her off the squad, Kelly ultimately agrees. ‚F-Fine, I’ll do it,‘ Kelly says. This conniving couple will do ANYTHING to get what they want…

You Remind Me Of Me, pure taboo porn, threesome of Mackenzie Moss, Cory Chase, Stirling Cooper. You Remind Me Of Me, pure taboo porn, threesome of Mackenzie Moss, Cory Chase, Stirling Cooper.

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